Saturday, September 27, 2008

Meklit Radio Interview with Gospel Singer Adissu Worku

Recently Meklit’s radio producer Brother worku took a time to interview one of the legend gospel singer Adissu Worku. On this two parts interview gospel singer Adissu talks about a role he played on early age of Evangelicals movement in Ethiopia as well as his life experience in three decade ministry to Ethiopians.

Here is Part one
Here is Part Two

Exclusive Interview with Gospel Singer Derje Kebede

Most of us have heard many rumors and speculations for too long regarding Ethiopian legend gospel singer Derje Kebede. A long awaited interview which was published by “Mathetes” Magazine in Ethiopia capital Addis Ababa has brought a light to those stories. Here is the full interview With gospel singer Derje Kebede.
Exclusive Interview with Gospel Singer Derje Kebede (PDF)

Many thanks for editors. Keep up the good work.

The story of Mawi on NPR is one of our own

Occasionally I tune to the National Public radio (NPR). Often if there is related story regarding Ethiopia. Once again this week I tuned to NPR; to listen the Interview with Ethiopian born Mawi Asgdom which grabs my attention. This story is not about the usual Ethio-poltices conversation among Diaspora’s or the debate about the growth of our economy etc… However, it was what I call ‘one of the many faces of Ethiopian Diaspora’s life absolutely worth telling’; the life of immigrants and the clash of identity between children and parents. For the rest of the story you have to listen to the interview for your self. As I listen to Mr. Mawi story my emotion was in the mood of laughing and suddenness.
Here is NPR interview with Ethiopian Born Mawi