Saturday, September 27, 2008

The story of Mawi on NPR is one of our own

Occasionally I tune to the National Public radio (NPR). Often if there is related story regarding Ethiopia. Once again this week I tuned to NPR; to listen the Interview with Ethiopian born Mawi Asgdom which grabs my attention. This story is not about the usual Ethio-poltices conversation among Diaspora’s or the debate about the growth of our economy etc… However, it was what I call ‘one of the many faces of Ethiopian Diaspora’s life absolutely worth telling’; the life of immigrants and the clash of identity between children and parents. For the rest of the story you have to listen to the interview for your self. As I listen to Mr. Mawi story my emotion was in the mood of laughing and suddenness.
Here is NPR interview with Ethiopian Born Mawi

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